Дмитро Петрович Литвиненко, Ольга Володимирівна Малєєва


The subject of the study is the stakeholder management processes of the project. The components of the content of infrastructure development and construction projects, in particular the interests of stakeholders, are considered. The purpose of the work is to develop new models and tools for infrastructure development and construction projects. The following tasks are solved in the article: the creation of a model of a dynamic stakeholder map according to the stages of the project lifecycle; normalization of the created model into the old link of stakeholders; creation of graphical visualization of the model of management of stakeholders; developing a quantitative assessment of stakeholder management success. Research methods: PMBOOK methodology for stakeholder management according to matrix models, system models. The following results were obtained: the models and methods of stakeholder management were analyzed in modern infrastructure development and construction projects; the model of a dynamic map of interested parties was developed, the created model is formalized in a matrix of interrelations and qualitative characteristics, the plan of management of stakeholders in the form of a system cube is visualized; the quantitative assessment of stakeholder management success is proposed according to the models received. Conclusions: The directions for the development of the infrastructure projects industry are described and the main differences and features are explained. A stakeholder analysis of the project allowed them to form their composition regarding the stages of the project life cycle. A tool is proposed to analyze the current state of affairs in stakeholder management and to determine whether the project situation meets its objectives. Models have been created to evaluate the stakeholder tools and determine the correctness of the adopted project management team strategy. Proper use of the developed models will accurately and confidently determine the effectiveness of the stakeholder management strategy and correct their work on time. Practical application of the problems described will help to optimize and improve the communication management processes in the project and stakeholder management.


stakeholders; transport system; model of interaction; life cycle


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