Volodimir Olexijovych Rvachov, Tatiana Volodimirivna Rvachova, Evgenia Pavlovna Tomilova


In the paper we consider and solve the problem of construction of the so called tomic functions – the systems of infinitely differentiable  functions which while retaining many important properties of the shifts of atomic function up(x) such as locality and representation of algebraic polynomials  and being based on the atomic functions  nevertheless have nonuniform character and therefore  allow to take into account the inhomogeneous and  changing character of the data encountered in real world problems in particular in boundary value problems for partial differential equations with variable coefficients and complex geometry of domains in which these boundary value problems must be solved. The same class of tomic functions can be applied to processing,denoising and sparse storage of signals and images by lacunary interpolation. The lacunary or Birkhoff interpolation of functions in which the function is being restored by the values of derivatives of orderin points in which values of function and derivatives of order k<r are unknown is of great importance in many real world problems such as remote sensing. The lacunary interpolation methods using the tomic functions possesss important advantages over currently widely applied lacunary spline interpolation in view of infinite smoothness of tomic functions.The tomic functions can also be applied to connect (to stitch) atomic expansions with different steps on different intervals preserving smoothness and optimal approximation properties. The equations for of construction oftomic functions tofuj(x) –analogues of the basic functions of the generalized atomic Taylor expansions are obtained – which are needed for lacunary (Birkhoff) interpolation. For the applications in variational and collocation methods for solving bondary value problems for partial derivative and integral equations the tomic functions ftupr,j(x) are obtained that are analogues of B-splines and atomic functions fupn(x). Using similar methods, the tomic functions based on other atomic functions such as Ξn(x) can be obtained.


atomic functions; tomic functions; lacunary interpolation; Birkhoff interpolation; image processing and storage; variational methods; collocation method

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