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Healthcare systems operating in the Internet of things are becoming more widespread and their impact is predicted to only increase. However, new concepts and applications of the latest technologies carry some risks, including the failure of end-user devices, infrastructure, which in turn can lead to the worst outcome. In this regard, the problems of evaluation and assurance when using this technology are increasing. The object of research and analysis in this work is a medical system that operates on the Internet of Things. The purpose of this study is to describe and develop the structure and functional scheme of information technology (IT) dependability assessment and providing of healthcare systems based on the Internet of Things, which is based on models, methods and procedures for evaluation and assurance and formalized design methods that contain such stages of synthesis design decisions: model selection, method selection, problem solving and decision making. The process of the information technology creating consists of such steps as determining: the basic processes that occur when evaluating and ensuring the security of medical IoT systems; input data; source data; elements of mechanisms; controls. The developed structure of information technology consists of the following processes: formation of requirements for the warranty of medical IoT systems; identifying components of medical IoT systems that are susceptible to failure and cyberattack; determination of indicators of availability of medical IoT systems; definition of indicators of functionality of healthcare devices; selection of countermeasures to protect the healthcare IoT system against cyberattacks; case-oriented assessment of cybersecurity of healthcare IoT systems. As a result, this paper provides an IDEF0 diagram of the information technology of dependability assessment and providing healthcare systems based on the Internet of Things. The basic stages of the implementation of the developed information technology are also presented.


IDEF0; dependability; insulin pump; Internet of Things; healthcare system


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