Святослав Геннадійович Ігунов, Олександр Борисович Лещенко, Юлія Олександрівна Лещенко


The article deals with the task of developing information technology for the provision of copywriting services. The topic of the article is due to the fact that any Internet resource requires the availability of relevant content for further development. An important component for information and news portals, author's blogs, online stores, corporate and personal sites are texts. The main activity of the copywriter is the writing of texts on an order, the creation of content for sites with the deduction of audience prestige, and the requirements of search engines. A review of the dynamics of changes in popularity, seasonality, growth and fail from the side of users is presented. The existing most common providers of copywriting services are considered: the stock exchange – the site of Advego, the studio of Denis Kaplunov, freelance. The advantages and disadvantages of all types of services are revealed. An overview of the most powerful and most popular free content management systems (CMS – Content management system) Joomla, WordPress, Drupal is also presented. Taking into account the obvious advantages and disadvantages of each of these systems, it is defined that CMS is most suitable for solving the tasks and is optimal for the development of the site. To search for fuzzy duplicate Web documents, it is suggested to use the shingle algorithm. The diagram of variants of using the work of providing copywriting services is developed. To support the work of the site a database model was developed. The environment, development tools, language tools and the operating modes of the site are described. The presented site allows companies to solve such issues as reducing the cost of searching for copywriters, checking their level of qualification, time spent on organizing the process, maintaining the necessary documentation, including accounting. The texts for the customer are created faster because several people can work on them and order some other additional services presented on the site. The developed site for providing copywriting services is designed for use by large and small companies, private enterprises, individual individuals and owners of Internet resources


copywriting; SEO texts; infographics; shingles algorithm; CMS


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