Світлана Юріївна Даншина, Анастасія Володимирівна Василенко


One of the main problems of the development of the land market in Ukraine is the unfinished procedure of demarcation of agricultural land. The current legislation has determined the rules for positioning of for land pieces on the locality, has identified and prescribed mechanisms for obtaining a state act on ownership. The analysis of these rules allowed to systematize the input and output data, compile their list, and to determine the executors of the process of determining of location of land pieces. As a result, has obtained a generalized model of the process in the form of a contextual diagram, which defines a single point of view on process, the subject and the goal of modeling in accordance with the requirements of current legislation. The detailed analysis of the process in Ramus Edu. made it possible to develop a functional model of its key stage of the process of developing projects of land management. The use in this process a data, that represents objects defined in a space, the need for their processing and analysis make it possible to justify the use of geographic information systems (GIS). The article offers a method of information support for process of developing of projects of land management, which based on the implement of GIS. The most difficult stage of the method is calculates of the area of land pieces on the locality. This is due to the fact that need to take into account the different quality of land and its intended use, which affects the final cost of the land piece. Possible variants of calculation generalized in a single algorithm, the result of which is the estimation of the area of the land pieces, which indicated in the state act on ownership. Software realization of some of his stages is creating too. Thus, the compilation of available information based on GIS makes it possible to create a comprehensive view of the territory to be demarcated and to make informed decisions when carrying out land parcels on the locality. An example of the realization of some of its stages on the delimitation of lands located in the Pyatikhatk natural and agricultural district of the Dnipropetrovsk region is given. Visualization of the initial data was carried out in the program ArcGIS. An example of the implementation of the proposed method confirmed the possibility to use it in the land management organizations. The introduction of this method will allow to substantiate preliminary decisions regarding the boundaries of land pieces and to shorten the time for field work when the land pieces are transferred to locality


geographic information systems; positioning on the locality; functional model; information support for projects; calculate of land area


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