Вікторія Юріївна Мерлак, Дмитро Дмитрович Узун


Through conducted research various devices had been connected and key indicators, such as RSSI, ping, download and upload speed, jitter, operation frequency of the router and throughput had been measured. The experiment was carried out in three cases - without any interference, with physical interference and with frequency interference. For the research four routers of well-known manufacturers and an Orange Pi microcomputer with wireless Wi-Fi adapter were taken for creating the fifth hot-spot. As a consequence of the experiment it was identified which device had showed the best results of the basic parameters during the load period or under increase in the number of connected devices and had been more resistant to physical or radio noise


Wi-Fi; a router; RSSI; ping; jitter; operation frequency of the router; the speed; the physical interference frequency interference


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