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In philosophical discourse of Bakhtin the dialogical concept is conceptualized, that takes the expression of communicational links between the author and hero, dialogic interaction between subjects, cultures, values, foreign and peculiar words. The foundations of a genuine dialogue unfolding in a new kind of verbal creativity - polyphonic novel as an artistic model of the world with its usual variety of worlds, their meanings, cultures. It is shown that art transforms into a fundamental epistemological dualism of subject -object to the relationship, "Me - Another", author – hero, concept of human - the character of human. Creating a new form of verbal creativity with full deployment of dialogue between author and character, with a variety worldviews of guidelines, diversity of cultural traditions, updates dialogical reflection of spirit, appearing in major works at the " culture’s big time". Dialogue, by penetrating interaction between individuals, text, culture and life in general, gots universal characteristics. It provides unity of human and culture and is most evident at the " culture’s big time ", in which the horizon is overcome narrow space present exercised combination of the past, present and future. Such works mature for ages, and their accumulating in artistic expression are embodied the truth of life of the great writer of "limiting principles of being", able to adequately reproduce the world problems and continue to exist in the interplay of internal and external dialogue.


dialogue; mono consistency; man; moral; aesthetic; culture; «great culture»


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