Анна Григорьевна Буряченко, Дмитрий Сергеевич Бурунов, Вячеслав Михайлович Грудинкин, Андрей Олегович Таранишин


There is described the work on the project, carried out at the enterprise Element JSC for the creation of aircraft gas turbine engine simulator stands, for the maintenance and testing of some digital regulators for helicopter and aircraft engines (turboshaft and turboprops), which the company is the developer and manufacturer of. Compact simulator stands test all the functions of the regulator and allows you to abandon the use of bulky semi-natural stands, at least for 95% of the tests. The stand simulator is a hardware-software complex that simulates the engine as a system interacting with the regulator by simulating all analog, discrete and digital signals. The stand imitates the signals arriving at the regulator from sensors, aggregates, and engine systems that provide reception of control signals from the regulator. Besides, stand performs calculations and generates sets of interdependent parameter values (in the form of analog, discrete, and digital signals), each of which corresponds to one of the engine operating modes according to predetermined functional dependencies that reflect the characteristics of the engine – a mathematical model of the engine. The stands undergo certification in the scope of the program agreed with the State Enterprise “Zaporizhiastandardmetrology” and are verified by comparing the test results of the regulator on a simulator stand and as part of the motor stands of the Customer (engine developer). It is shown that the modular structure of the first of the simulator stands (basic) developed at the enterprise and the reserve provided for in its structure helped simplify its subsequent adaptation to the implementation of models of new types of engines. There is given the information on the stands simulating the AI-450M, AI-450S, AI-450S-1, AI-450T engines (for an unmanned aerial vehicle), and MS-500V-02S. It has been shown that simulator stands provide a set of tests for the development and serial production of regulators RDC-450M, RDTs-450M-S, RDTs-450M-S-1, RDTs-450M-C-T-P, RDTs-450S-500 at the enterprise.


aviation equipment component; test equipment; mathematical model; modular structure


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